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Insulated Railway Joints

(Block Joints)
Block Joints are used in railway track to mechanically connect two legs of rail together, but electrically separate them. This is required in colour light railway signaling, and electrical isolation (for example in petro-chemical sidings). The assembly generally consists of:


  • 2 only Insulated fish plates
  • 1 only Insulated End Post (‘T’ Piece)
  • All necessary nuts bolts and washers.



2 Types of block joints:

Field Assembly 

This assembly is supplied in kit form for installation in the field. These joints usually have a medium duty performance due to the tolerances, necessary for installation, allow a limited movement within the joint area.

Robb and Carter offers the PU Insulated Rail Joint and Composite (GDJ) Insulated Rail Joint
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Frozen (glued) joints

These joints are generally assembled in workshop conditions and are supplied in typically 6 meter lengths of rail. The assembly uses a high grade insulating epoxy glue, which both bonds or freezes the assembly into one solid structure, and creates the insulating layer. These joints generally have heavy duty performance, but are more expensive than the field assembly joints. 

Robb and Carter offers the DHJ Insulated Rail Joint. 
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Railway Track Components

The Company also offers various Railway Track Components including:

  • G Clamps
  • Standard fishplates
  • Joggled Fishplates
  • Junction Fishplates
  • Junction Joggled Fishplates
  • Chair Plates


Recoverable Anchor Screws

Recoverable Anchor Screws (RAS) provide an efficient and economical method of securing formwork to concrete. They are particularly useful for cantilever forms as used in dam construction, high-rise buildings, tunnels and other similar work.

They are available in several sizes including:
M20x120 | M24x140 | M30x360 |M20x200 |M24x200 |M36x430 |M24x280

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CNC Soft and Hard Jaws

Standard Type CNC Soft and Hard Jaws manufactured with 1,5mm x 60° serrations to suit most CNC Lathe Chucks.
Stock is subject to availability.


Thread Whirling

Thread Whirling is a machining method of producing high quality heavy duty threads (typically acme or trapezoidal) on long lengths of material. Typically such threaded shafts are required for lead and feed screws. At Robb and Carter, we can generate such threads on material from about 25 to 105 mm diameter, for lengths of up to 2.2 meters. 


CNC Turning & Milling

(Precision Production and Jobbing Engineers)
Currently with 17 CNC turning lathes and 7 machining (milling) centres, Robb and Carter has capacity to machine from 20mm diameter up to approximately 650mm diameter. Together with a significant number of conventional lathes, milling machines and drilling machines, we specialize in production and jobbing machining in safety critical components.




Since 2010 we have been manufacturing complete tooling for the closed die forging and the injection moulding industry. The company has the technology (fully licensed Solid Works and Edgecam). It has the capacity to machine blocks of up to 1200kg.


Hot Forging of Bolts

Since 2016, we have the capacity to hot forge bolts up to M42 size. We have in-house 2 x 150T Eccentric Presses and a 120kw induction heater for the efficient production of hex and square head bolts (or any other shape), coupled with our own in-house ability to create the necessary tooling.


Thread Rolling

Thread rolling is the preferred method for producing strong, smooth, precise, and uniform external thread forms. Thread rolling is different from other types of threading processes like cutting, grinding, and chasing. Thread rolling is a cold forging process that can be performed on any ductile metal.

Since 2017, we have the capacity to Thread Roll material up to M64 dependent on material hardness and thread pitch.


Fillet & Butt Welding

Since 2017, we have the capacity to fillet and butt weld as an add-on service to our machining capacity.


Industrial Fasteners

The Company has built much of its reputation on the production of non-standard Industrial Bolts, Studs and Nuts, generally from 20mm upwards to 4 inch and above (metric and imperial sizes), especially where required in critical or semi-critical applications.

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